Partnerships in Bulgaria


The Bulgarian general company is developed by two or more participants with unrestricted responsibilities, unified under the same name as well as with the same economic objectives. Just like in the case of the Bulgarian sole proprietorship, the individual possessions of the participants can be impacted by the liquidation procedures. An essential partnership is based upon the collaboration’s short articles which should specify the name and also address of each partner, the name of the alliance formed by the names of the partners adhered to by the discontinuation SD, the amount contributed by each partner as well as the method the losses and revenues will be separated between them.

Comparable with the general partnership is the Bulgarian minimal company which is formed by two, or even more companions. That can be basic this kind of companion is entirely responsible for the entity’s responsibilities and also has full decisional powers. And also does not need to contribute with taken care of amount to the capital and the quiet partner. Which has a liability restricted to his payment to the funding, doesn’t have a decisional power and, in the situation of liquidation, has his possessions protected. This sort of Bulgarian partnership is also based on the partnership’s write-ups. The name of this kind of minimal collaboration should contain a minimum of one primary member’s name adhered to by the discontinuation KD.

Bulgarian EOOD Firm

Partnerships in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Corporate Legislation allows international nationals to remotely sign up a business in Bulgaria by granting power of lawyer to a Bulgarian Law practice and relocate firm to Bulgaria. The attorneys at Bulgarian Firms Limited will undoubtedly help you to from another location register your Bulgarian EOOD firm starting from only 299 EUR. Using our company development solutions, we do not want bill upkeep or yearly fees for the registered workplace address and also checked the organisation post. The EOOD is a business designation in which the shareholder’s responsibility to lenders is restricted for resources deposited in the business. The obligation does not include the individual investor’s assets. The Bulgarian EOOD business is preferred by individuals that would love to start their organization in Bulgaria or who want to acquire a real estate home.